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Welcome To Bioglanz

Organic detergents and bio cleaning products

BIOGLANZ LTD is on the global market of environmentally friendly detergents. Products under the brand name ” BIO Glanz” Innovation is the development of German experts in the field of detergents and cleaning products for household and industrial use.
Our products fully meets German law, as well as legislation and EU Directives, in particular , the European regulations 648/2004/ES , protected in the European Union and shall apply to the European market.
Extensive tests conducted by German institutions that demonstrate high technical quality and a high tolerance to its environment, and hence environmental and economic need for such products. The high quality of the product and permit its implementation in the Member States of the Customs Union of the EurAsEC , confirmed by operational sanitary and epidemiological tests and state registration in Europe.

Biological Detergent
Designed to be safe for humans and the environment since products are based exclusively on plant material and do not contain any harmful chemcials such as phosphates or alkalines

• Completely ecological as they are 98% biodegradable
• Equally or more effective when compared to ordinary (conventional) products

Home use

Safe for people and nature

Eco-friendly, mild detegrent, consisting of 100% of surface-active substances of plant origin.
Manufactured to meet the requirements of environmental protection in accordance with European regulations 648/2004/EC. Biologics BIO Glanz provide high cleaning effect without damage to sensitive surfaces. Safe in use, do not irritate the skin and respiratory tract. Biodegradable in the active components. Applicable for biological treatment of septic tanks. Do not contain allergens.


For Cleaning Glass Surfaces

Floor Washing

For petrochemical pollution cleaning


For General Use

Toilet Cleaner

Active foam for car washing and facade surfaces

BIOGLANZ is offering also solutions for the decontamination of oil polluted concrete surfaces


All our products are environmentally friendly and fully biodegradable

Bioglanz with respect and love for the environment and nature, created a
series of products for industrial cleaning. Our entire range comprise of biodegradable
detergents harmless both for the user and the environment.

Our target is to endure that more and more people are aware of the terrible environmental
damage, and help not to use aggressive and polluting cleaning products at their business.
For this we have developed a series of Bio Glanz, special and friendly products for cleaning.

All our products are environmentally friendly and fully biodegradable. They remove the dirt
and the are absolutely safe to use!

Food Industry

Bioglanz λ

  • Delicatessen and food production
  • Meat processing plants (slaughter hoses, butcher shops, sold cut and sausage production, poultry processing)
  • Milk and cheese processing plants
  • Fish processing industry
  • Meat curing plants
  • Bakeries
  • Hotels, restaurants, mensas
  • Commercial fat and oil filtering
  • Grills and ovens
  • Floors and walls
  • Refrigeration and transport vehicles

Petrochemical Industry

Bioglanz π

  • Pipe cleaning
  • Tank and container cleaning
  • Oil cooling systems and circulation
  • Trade bottle cleaning in refineries
  • Petrol stations
  • Workshop cleaning
  • Parts and equipment cleaning
  • Transport park

* Recommended dilution ratios correspond
to an average level of soiling

Metal Industry

Bioglanz μ

  • Surface degreasing of hard, noble and coloured metals
  • Baths for dipping and degreasing in varnishing and electro-plating
  • Tool cleaning
  • Tank and container cleaning
  • Workshop cleaning (floors and apparata)

Cars, Ships and Yachts

Bioglanz σ

  • Sludge cleaning
  • Engine and machine cleaning
  • Tank cleaning
  • Ship and boat trunks (sea-weeds, oil)
  • Canvas cleaning
  • Surface cleaning

Wastewater Treatment

Bioglanz is offering specific ecologically friendly solutions for the treatment of wastewater from the metal-processing industry, electroplating works, ships (bilge water) and the film devel oping industry.


Our products fully meets German law, as well as legislation and EU Directives, in particular , the European regulations 648/2004/ES , protected in the European Union and shall apply to the European market.